Direct Mail Is More Effective Than Other Forms Of Advertising

increase response rate to increase bottom line with direct mail

Nearly 100% Of consumers view the mail they receive. We collect our delivered mail, go through piece by piece and sort what we want to save and what we want to discard.
We at Direct Mail Xperts love to use postcards. They are the highest advertising response rate vehicle. Postcards are the lowest cost of all direct mail options and they are always seen when the recipient goes thru the mail. Nothing to open and we look at the front and back. But the best direct mail marketing isn’t just about printing a postcard with your logo and putting a phone number on it. It’s about enticing recipients to respond on the way your prospect prefers. So remember to clearly put your contact info on the card, and offer many ways for people to respond, get more information and use. This will increase advertising response rate when combined with a motivating offer.

The Direct Marketing Association's Data Shows Direct Mail is the Most Profitable Marketing Method.

Direct mail has TRIPLE the cost-effectiveness compared to other marketing methods.

In a nationwide survey by Harte-Hanks research, it rated direct mail as the #1 most cost-effective marketing method. Direct mail achieves a 3.7% response rate when using an in-house list. All other channels combined, receive a 0.62% advertising response rate- 2017 DMA Statistic.

Why is Direct Mail 3 Times More Cost-Effective Than Other Advertising Methods?


The main reason direct mail is so profitable is due to its ability to PRECISELY target a market. We can pinpoint target geography and demographics with direct mail. With other advertising methods: newspaper, radio, TV, Yellow Pages, it's not possible to target such a precise geographic and demographic market.

With other media advertising, a high percentage of your advertising dollars are wasted going to people who are not in your target area. Even for those who are in your market, a large percentage don't read newspapers anymore. And media such as radio, television, etc. are so fragmented between so many stations, that you can do a lot of advertising. The result is that most people in your target market never see your advertisement.

Why Has E-mail and Search Engine Marketing Been So Ineffective?


92.3% of consumers say they just delete spam e-mails without reading them, according to a study by Quris' research. The "Wave Of The Future" was expected to be email. However, spam is bombarding consumers, and they are ignoring almost all of it.

Only 3.3% of businesses rate SEO as being useful. The barrier with search engine marketing is that when consumers do a search, they typically only contact a few companies. So unless your website appears near the top of the page, you get few responses.

If you have a new business or are willing to give a coupon offer, millennials don’t have a problem driving over to your business and giving their review. The Direct Mail Association says 18 to 21-year-olds response to direct mail has jumped from 4.1% in 2012 to 12.4% in 2013 while individuals 45 to 54 years of age are still the most responsive at 14.1%.
These statistics are why direct mail is a uniquely effective method of advertising. It enables you to deliver your message to your specific target market and get a higher response rate.

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