Variable Data Printing is for Customized and Personalized Flyers

VDP- Variable Data Printing- Marketing messages customized to the recipient.

We first came across the huge personalization potential of VDP when seeing what Disney Corp would send to your address after your vacation inquiry. A highly personalized package detailing all your desires for a vacation with Disney. Seeing yourself there before ever booking that trip

VDP mailings return greater response rates!

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variable data for healthclub postcard

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Personalizing Custom Marketing makes it RELEVANT and
PERSONAL to capture their attention and their business

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Postcard SampleFinancial seminar postcard
  • Fully-customize your brochures including one-to-one personalization
    of a name, images, offers, PURLs, and QR codes.

  • Increase customer loyalty. Repeat orders and retention up 47%.

  • Exploding ROI. Average order size up 24%.

  • Increase your profit margins. Overall revenue and profit up 31%

  • Reduce response time to web inquiries by 35%

  • Eliminate outdated material with print on demand.

Poor quality Prospect or Customer database? We can provide data cleansing, NCOA Processing, and Append Demographic, Psychographic and Lifestyle Data.

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