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For Direct Mail Postcards YOU want the BEST quality printing, mailing lists, discounted postage and service- Guaranteed !

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Your business is unique... your marketing/advertising should be unique too. Without our experience, it won't perform to your expectations.

The Direct Mail Experts is a "One Stop Shop" for:

  • All types of printed matter and formats
  • Professional graphic design services for print jobs and web related design
  • Targeted mailing lists- B2B or B2C
  • Mailing and fulfillment services- we only mail what we print to make it easier for you
  • Mailing list maintenance hygiene.
  • FULL TRACKING updates so you will always know where your order is
  • The BEST Customer Experience

We also print the EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) postcards, bundled in hundreds and delivered to you OR we can prepare the mailing and deliver to the post office with all paperwork and postage paid. CALL FOR DETAILS and of course, a QUOTE.

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We ship to your LOCAL Post Office for mail insertion to EXPEDITE DELIVERY & SAVE YOU MONEY!

Typically, direct mail companies insert your mail into their local BMU post office (Bulk Mail Units) where it can take anywhere up to 21 days to reach the mailboxes. Traveling between states in the postal mail stream, the mail can get delayed or damaged while being transported. Our system protects and controls your mailing to reduce the delivery time, typically by a week and more.

Controlling the total cost, quality, service, and production timelines in our “one stop shop” extends to the delivery timeline of the post office. Where possible, and with quantities of 5000 or more direct mail pieces, we will ship your POSTAL VERIFIED and PREPARED MAILING with all the necessary paperwork and postage to your local post office. This controls the delivery timeline and secures that the mailing reaches its destination as if we were printing and mailing in your town. We are a company with the nationwide presence to handle your valuable campaign in this manner.

You also save money. The Postal Service provides DISCOUNTED POSTAGE RATES when mailings are automated and delivered to the local delivery area. We pass the savings on to you. Another reason why Direct Mail Experts provides you with such extraordinary prices for your direct mail.

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Best Price Guarantee!

We're so confident that we offer the best DIRECT MAIL POSTCARDS prices on the Internet, we guarantee it!

Direct Mail Postcards competitor's prices must meet the following criteria to qualify: The price you found advertised elsewhere must be a complete match (the old "apples to apples" rule applies here). The total product quantity must be the same. The size of the printed piece must be the same. The advertised price is for four-color printing on both sides, on the same paper stock that is gloss-coated on one side (if mailing). See so many variables ...

You must provide proof of a competitive lower price, such as a emailed quote, a published price list, or Complete Website address (URL) clearly showing the lower price. Shipping costs not considered part of any price comparison.

DirectMailXperts retains the right to reject the lowest price guarantee requests that do not sufficiently meet the requirements outlined above or cannot provide sufficient proof of a lower competitive price meeting our requirements.