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How Should Businesses Do Marketing?



When does 1 + 1 = 3?

When more than one advertising medium is used to promote your product or service. This is called Cross Channel Marketing, Multi-Channel Marketing, Cross-Platform or Cross Media, or even Omni-Channel Marketing. Basically, using more than one advertising medium and tracking conversions. Utilizing prospect diversified habits to get better results.

Why is Multi-Channel advertising so effective? 

For two reasons. One reason would be to reach potential prospects who may only be exposed to limited types of platforms. For example, they may not watch much television but listen to the radio or vice versa. Or even better, if they do watch television and listen to the radio then the combined effect of both are more powerful than just one medium alone. This is media synergism. Of course, we now live in a digital age and rumor has it that the Internet is here to stay. Each advertising medium has its strengths and weaknesses. Now it is being shown that more time is being spent on the internet as well as more advertising dollars.
eMarketer projected that at the end of last year, Digital Advertising had surpassed TV advertising for the first time ever as the largest segment attracting the advertising dollar. According to the report, advertisers have spent $72.09 billion on U.S. digital advertising by the end of 2016. TV spending account for $71.29 billion. This will give digital a 36.8% share in media ad spending, slightly higher than TV’s 36.4%.

What does this mean for you? 

By combining the strengths of two or more media together, you will significantly increase the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of your advertising. It is now possible to harness the targetability of direct mail with IP Address targeted online display ads that will reach virtually the same people at the same time with both direct mail and online digital display ads. This is true media synergy where 1 + 1 does equal 3!
Find out more about combining direct mail with online IP address targeted digital display ads call Direct Mail Xperts today at 888-671-3115 or email us a info@directmailxperts.com

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