Increase the Results of Your Direct Mail Advertising

How To Increase the Results of Your Direct Mail Advertising - K.I.S.S. - Keep It Short & Simple

To increase the results of your direct mail advertising campaign DON’T try to say too many things in a single ad. When you try to promote 3 or 4 different things you make your ads confusing. Promoting one primary product or service can have a powerful headline that really targets that benefit. Selling too much will have a general headline and get general results. So don't and increase the results of your direct mail advertising campaigns.

Sell Your Solution to Customer Problems –

Your direct mail advertising should point out the key benefit and then list features to support that benefit.

-What are the key benefits your customers will gain by using your service or product?

-What unique aspect of your business sets you apart from your competition?

Then imagine you’re a customer looking at your ad, what is going to catch your eye? Imagine seeing your ad and the headline or photograph immediately conveys that key benefit. What does it look like?

Appeal to the Reader’s Desires

Direct Mail can be very effective with the right combination of headline and photographs you can dramatically increase the impact of your ads. Every product or service has an emotional aspect on which you can draw. Anything from saving time which allows freedom to be with family, to improving appearance which will make you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Consumers have desires so step away from your business and become the consumer. Or have someone outside of your business do it for you.

Take a close look at your current advertising. Does it appeal to any of the basic consumer desires? Do the photographs convey emotion? Does the headline state the key benefit?

Use Photographs or Graphics

Pictures still say a thousand words and a picture demonstrating a key benefit will help you convey your message faster and with more clarity. Photographs or strong graphics draw the reader to your ad and help reinforce your key benefit.

The graphics you use say a lot about your image. If you wish to use photography, it pays to hire a professional photographer. With a good photograph, the design of your ad can be poor and yet it will still reflect the quality of your product. However, with a poor photograph, even the best design won’t convince readers that what they’re seeing is actually better than what it looks like.

An additional benefit is that the photographs you invest in can be used for years and years in a wide variety of areas helping to establish your consistent image.

Establish a Consistent Brand

If you don’t have an idea of the brand/image you want to convey, you’ll notice at the end of the year that your advertising will have little to no consistency. Branding your business is long-term marketing and everything about you reflect your image. Your ads, stationery, brochures, radio and TV spots, and your store or office space should reflect a consistent image.


Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools a small business can use. They are extraordinarily important. So important that, if you play your cards right, you can build your whole marketing strategy around them.

Testimonials do two things; first they show that others have used the product or service with great satisfaction; second, they tell a story. People love stories and it’s an ideal place to bring in an emotional element.

For an effective advertising campaign, combine them with an actual photograph of the satisfied customer. Great credibility!

Offer/Call to Action

Every ad, brochure, or insert should have some form of a call to action. In the basic rules of selling the number one rule is; ask for the sale! So ask them to- stop in today or call now.

You can increase the effect of your call to action by setting a deadline. People hate the idea that they might miss out on something. Tell them; hurry before they’re all gone, limited time offer, or absolutely ends on Friday.

The other aspect is the offer. Coupons, especially in inserts and with deadlines, will increase response. Also highly effective are free gifts with purchase, provided the free item has a high perceived value.

It isn’t always necessary to have a sale to have a good offer. If you have a service business you could include an additional service for those who respond to a limited time or a free trial of service. Both are highly effective.  is a full-service advertising, design, and marketing firm. With 30 years of experience, we have a proven track record of helping clients get the biggest return on their marketing investment. Contact us today for a free consultation or to see other examples of how we’ve saved clients money and delivered results – 888-671-3115 or

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