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How Often Should I Do Direct Mail or Any Advertising? Part 2

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  • As an “Advertising GURU” for over 40 years, the question most often asked is “How many times do I need to reach my prospect with my advertising message”? (advertising frequency) The short answer is “It depends”.
  • There are a number of variables to consider in advertising frequency including…
    1. Which Advertising media will I be using?
    2. What is the nature of my product or service?
    3. Am I introducing a “New” product or concept or promoting an existing one?
    4. Am I “Branding” or “Promoting” or both?
    5. What are my Budget and/or spending restrictions?
  • Last time we looked at which media you will be using. Next, we’ll look at the nature of the product or service that you have to offer.
    Product or Service: The success of advertising rests with reaching the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time, and enough times to get through the resistance barriers. If your business is, let’s say, residential home roof repair, you have a very narrow target but are dealing with high dollar tickets and a very long time (maybe never) to get a “repeat” customer. On the other hand, if you are a fast food restaurant, let’s say a local pizza place, you have a very broad target, a relatively low ticket cost, with the possibility of repeat customers (hopefully) very often!
    Why does this make a difference? Consider that a roofer’s ideal candidate for residential roofing is going to be a homeowner with a home 10 years or older unless the home has been in a storm-damaged (hail or tornado) area. Therefore the ability to specifically target this prospect at the right time is crucial! Many “storm repair” roofers follow the storms all over the country and often use Direct Mail to specifically target those areas hardest hit with great success! Frequency is hardly a factor in this scenario.
    Contrast that with your local pizza restaurant. In this situation, the two most important factors (other than price) are geography and frequency! Although the “frequency mediums” of a broadcast can be very effective from a “timing” standpoint, dollars can be grossly wasted in delivering the message to a geography (unless there are multiple locations) that will never be a real prospect. Most fast food customers will come within an approximate five minute driving time from where they live or where they work. Direct mail and on-line “targeted” messages can work wonders here delivered with great frequency as you never know when your prospect is ready to order!
    Unless you are an advertising “GURU” (like me) you should consider getting professional advice from someone who is. With proper consultation, you will discover how to get the maximum R.O.I. (Return on Investment) from your limited (unless your McDonald’s or General Motors) advertising budget.
  • Next time we’ll look at the different approaches required depending on if you are a “new” or an “established” product or service.
  • Call us at Direct Mail Xperts 888-671-3115 or email ijay@dmxus.com
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