Business Advertising Using Direct Mail Postcards

Business advertising; all the things the business owner has to do in the day-to-day operations, a dreaded necessity is business advertising. So many advertising vehicles, so little budgeted for it. How about where does one spend that budget to get the best returns? If the business doesn’t have a monthly advertising budget, they are either spending too much or too little. But I cannot fault the business owner for this, business advertising expenses are a pain best avoided as long as possible. I want to turn that pain into pleasure, the cost of business advertising a return on investment that yields long-term business profits.

In my over 30 years of business advertising, I thought I’ve seen it all. Yet, every year, I see more advertising vehicles. One constant winner and this is why I have been in this game so long, is the success of a well constructed direct mail piece teamed with an email marketing campaign to generate new customers. Well designed full-color postcards as a stand-alone advertisement produce great revenue opportunities for the business.

Ready to go to school on my years of experience? I’ve created the Direct Mail Xperts  Business Direct Marketing 101 advertising BLOG. Follow in its mission to educate, inform and enlighten you business warriors in the (and let’s keep it simple) process of developing a successful direct mail and email marketing campaign. And I don’t care who you do it with, just do it right!

If you want to get a start on this path to success, call me now to lay down the plan to turn your business advertising dollars in sales. Mention this blog post and receive 10% off your first project with Direct Mail Xperts

Future topics (Blogs) to look for:

  • Targeting mailing/email lists- by the way, this is the most important part of the puzzle.

  • Postcard sizes- what size postcard do I need?

  • Full-color printing vs. black and white

  • Design options do it yourself vs. professional design services

  • Postage – why so much variation in cost?

  • Creating a printing and mailing services time lines so when will it get delivered?

  • Call Tracking Service do I need to analyze the results of the campaign?

  • Postcard mailers should I do it again?

I’m confident that you’ll find this information useful and occasionally funny.

“You don’t have to walk this road alone”


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