Digital Internet Advertising Age

Living Online
In this direct mail vs. digital internet advertising age, more and more aspects of our lives are moving online. We turn to the Internet for news, entertainment, communication, work… even dating! As a business, it is essential to have an active presence on the Internet. It seems a business without a website may as well not exist, and an active social media presence is proving to be just as important as a website. Whether we like (or understand) it, the world is in a state of transition. Businesses, large and small, will be successful largely based on how well they react and adapt using digital internet advertising.

Digital Internet Advertising
Digital internet advertising has taken off in recent years. An effective website is a “24/7 salesperson.” If a customer is in search of your product or service at 2:00 a.m., you want them to find you easily. If your site doesn’t stand out “naturally” through SEO (search engine optimization), you can bid on Google, Bing, and others for “clicks” to ensure that you can be found. You can target customers by any number of criteria, scale your budget to your exact needs and customize the message your prospective clients will see. Furthermore, for very little cost, you can send emails to huge numbers of people who have opted to receive them.

For many businesses, the seemingly low cost of internet advertising online is very attractive. With all its advantages, why not combine it with a targeted local direct mail campaign?

Direct Mail
With everything moving online, are traditional forms of advertising irrelevant and outdated? The answer is no! While an effective direct mail campaign requires an investment of time and money, the benefits are often much greater than other forms of advertising. A direct mail campaign can be highly targeted and extremely high-impact when done right. A digital internet advertising ad campaign coupled with direct mail will increase the effectiveness of direct mail.

One reason direct mail remains not only relevant but essential is that people simply prefer a tangible message. As easy and convenient as web browsing and email is, research has shown that in nearly all instances, people prefer to receive information in the mail. There is a reason that so many business owners receive postcards from Google. Direct mail has an authority, authenticity, and tangibility no online advertising can provide.

Putting it All Together
When it comes to advertising, there is no one recipe for success. But a recipe that does not include direct mail is very likely to fail. When you add an effective, easy-to-find website, coordinated email blast, and digital advertising, direct mail is an essential ingredient in promoting your business successfully.

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