Customer database file and how to maintain a mailing list

How to create a proper Excel file for your customer database that will reward you for years to come.

We are mailing list data specialists and have seen all company database files. The shame is that many companies large and small don’t have a properly set up database for their customers' information to be used for various end uses such as a mailing list. It’s the most valuable digital file to your businesses existence. And the need goes beyond internal info, it should be used for merging into promotional mailed material and email marketing.

Maintaining your database internally is really easy, but it does have to be updated and consistent with other entries.

We use your database to take out your customers from a special offer being mailed to new potential customers. That is called suppression or de-duping. We also use your database to personalize your advertising campaign. Regardless, you must have a clean, properly set up customer database to use it across all channels.

First|Last|Company|Address1|Address2|City|  State|Zip
Ira|Gerstler| DMX| 716 Newman St| Suite 269|  Lincroft| NJ| 07738

So here you have a properly set up BASIC record in Excel. Notice how it is broken out for all name and address segments. It also has their email address is collected.

Imagine adding more columns of important customer related info- WHAT THEY PURCHASED and a column for how much they spent. DON’T forget their EMAIL address. There is a whole generation who receive almost all their info digitally.

So your first mission should you choose to accept it is get your database in order, and if needed, contact us at or visit:

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