Mailing Lists-the MOST Important Piece of the Direct Mail Puzzle

Mailing Lists the MOST Important Piece of the Puzzle

Mailing Lists, the MOST Important Piece of the Puzzle

"When others can't deliver the mailing list you need, WE DO"

Target marketing is the #1 factor in the success of direct mail. Our targeting system will help you boost your response.

Types of DATABASES we maintain:

  • Consumer Database- Our Consumer File is a comprehensive database of over 132 million households and more than 199 million individuals. The list is completely rebuilt every 60 days with monthly telephone refreshes and scrubbed against the DNC.

  • Resident Occupant Database- Saturation Resident/Occupant Database. Our Res/Occ File contains all the deliverable mailing addresses in carrier route walk-sequence. This saturation level database is perfect for blanketing your message around your store location.

  • Business Data- Our Business Lists include over 18 million individual company names and addresses and more than 15 million senior and middle-management executives by title.

  • Mortgage Database- Our Property Mortgage Database is a comprehensive file of data sourced and updated from the county recorder and assessor records. It’s compiled bi-monthly and contains over 51 million parcels that represent over 45 million U.S. households.

  • New Construction- Be the first to reach America’s newest addresses. DMX receives exclusive weekly new address updates directly from the USPS. You can access the residents of brand new single-family homes, apartments and businesses as soon as their addresses are validated within the postal delivery system.

  • Apartment Lists- Our unique apartment database provides information not found on any other database. DMX Apartment lists allow you to target residents within specific apartment complexes based on criteria. The database even provides secondary apartment numbers, which increases delivery to maximize your ROI

  • New Movers - 6 months or prior week's new movers- Our New Movers Database is a comprehensive file of consumers who have moved within the past 6 months. Updated on the fourth Friday of each month and available the following Monday. Week's list contains only the most recent data available from the weekly update which is produced each Wednesday and released the following Monday (with the exception of holidays).

  • Business to Institution (B2i) Database- More than one million institutions in a familiar B2B-style format. Choose from the most popular job functions, including Chief Administrator, Human Resources Director, Information Technology Director, Purchasing Director, and more. The database includes hospitals, schools, churches, local government offices, nursing homes, medical practices, and more.

  • Government Office Database- The Government Office Database is a unique database of city and county government officials with detailed department selections and dozens of specialized job functions.

  • Nursing Home and Retirement Home Database- Target more than 200,000 decision-makers at Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and Retirement Homes with this powerful, 100% telephone-verified database. Select your list based on job functions such as Chief Administrator, Nursing Services Director, and Human Resources Director or institution selections including Capacity, Alzheimer's Care, and Physical Therapy Services.

  • Hospital Database- The Hospital Database provides comprehensive, phone-verified contact information for more than 350,000 professionals in America's 7,200 hospitals. The phones for each hospital are updated four times each year with extensive surveys to provide the most powerful hospital marketing database available.

  • Medical Practice Database- Featuring more than 800,000 physicians by specialty, this multi-source medical practice database has selections including annual sales volume, practice size, and type of degree. You can also target your offers to more than 200,000 office managers who make or influence non-medical purchasing decisions.

  • School District Database- The School District Database contains 100% telephone-verified records of more than 200,000 school district decision-makers. Select your target audience using precision attributes and job functions including Superintendent, Human Resources Director, Curriculum Director, Computer/Technology Director and dozens more.

  • School Database- Reach more than 4 million school decision-makers at the public, private, and Catholic schools. Select your target audience using dozens of precision attributes and hundreds of job functions from Principal to Head Custodian, from Pre-Kindergarten Teacher to Adult Education Teacher.

The biggest factor in the success of direct mail is the quality and deliverability of the mailing list. 

If you need a mailing list, Direct Mail Xperts can provide you with the #1 mailing lists in the U.S.— matched to the U.S. Postal System's central database for accuracy.

The best mailing lists – updated directly from the U.S. Postal System’s central database.

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Our mailing lists are the most comprehensive and accurate for every household in the U.S. because we download weekly updates directly from the US Post Office files. This makes them fresh and deliverable.

We feel so confident in our data that we offer the following guarantee to all our customers. If you should use our lists and our Delivery Guarantee (shown on the left) is not met, we will pay you $0.40 per return over the stated guarantee - up to the cost of the entire list.

Note: Mail pieces must be addressed correctly, adherent to postal regulations and mailed within 60 days of purchase.