Every Device Digital Marketing – The Direct Mail of the Internet

Every Device Digital Marketing: The 1-to-1 100% Cookie-Free Advertising Targeted Solution

Every device digital marketing combined with a direct mail campaign can create a 50%+ increase in response rates

Internet Display Ads delivered to the address in homes or businesses with the geofencing targeting of a direct mail campaign.

every device digital marketing explained

Direct Mail Xperts sees a router IP address as a mailing address.  Therefore, Every Device Digital Marketing will match the physical addresses to router addresses with extreme precision. Then our one-to-one marketing technology delivers multi-platform personalized digital advertisements.

 When your prospective customer browses online these ads are delivered and viewed on every device (phones, tablets, computers)

They are not cookie delivered ads that are blockable and rarely seen.

Click here to download PowerPoint file of actual display ad screenshots

every device digital marketing ip address mapping

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