Email Marketing Makes It’s Way To Prospects Inboxes

Targeting Email Advertising By ZIP Codes. What a concept!

Get results with permission-based demographically and geographically targeted Email marketing advertisement generated from our servers

Why use DirectMailXperts Email Marketing?

E-Direct Mail Chart

  • An additional source of revenue generation

  • Great returns on your investment

  • E-mails boost a traditional direct mail campaign's results

  • Higher counts and better targeting than other services

  • All email addresses are screened for deliverability

  • Just like direct mail, we can target e-mails by Geography (e.g. radius, zip code, city) and Demographics (e.g. income, age, gender, the presence of children, homeowner status, ethnicity, car ownership and more).


We are 100% CAN-SPAM Compliant


In today's changing marketplace, it is important for businesses not to be left behind

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