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Direct Mail Campaigns 10 STEPS to SUCCESS

Direct mail campaigns still remain a key advertising tool for many businesses. When planned and coordinated properly it can really pay off. 10 Steps to a Dynamite (OK- Awesome) Direct Mail Campaigns START WITH: 1. Identifying your market: Who is your target audience? You want new customers just like your existing ones, but do you…
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Resident Mailing Lists vs. Consumer Mailing Lists

B2C lists- do you use Resident or Consumer mailing lists? To B or not 2C When you are planning a great B2C direct mail piece, what type of mailing list should you use; resident or consumer?  Both terms sound familiar, but WHAT is the difference you ask? Well beside the postage you are going to…
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Graphic Design Your Own Postcards for Printing

For Those of You Who Like (or Would Like) To Graphic Design Your Own Postcards It occurred to me the other day that there are those customers who would like to graphic design their own postcards for printing. Now I don’t have any problem what so ever with that, but it isn’t as easy as…
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