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Direct Mail Campaign 2 Keys to it Making it Profitable

Two Keys to a Profitable Direct Mail Campaign. A profitable direct mail campaign is realistic. We want to inform and help you get the most out of your advertising investment. Sure if your business could survive on word of mouth advertising you would be set and never have to advertise. I’ve only known one business…
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Direct Mail Marketing Why It’s Not Working

Why your direct mail marketing isn’t working better. When a business’s direct mail marketing campaign doesn’t perform to their expectations the blame falls either on direct mail marketing or the company performing the direct mail marketing campaign. Instead of making changes to the program and testing, they give up. There are a number of common…
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Strong Offer and Direct Mail Advertising

Why is a strong offer important to your success in advertising? Put yourself in the position of the person seeing your ad when you don't have a strong offer. What would motivate you to respond? If you can’t do this ask others for their unbiased opinion. You want to have a situation where people will…
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