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Direct Mail Campaign 2 Keys to it Making it Profitable

Two Keys to a Profitable Direct Mail Campaign. A profitable direct mail campaign is realistic. We want to inform and help you get the most out of your advertising investment. Sure if your business could survive on word of mouth advertising you would be set and never have to advertise. I’ve only known one business…
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Spring is Here! Time for a Marketing Tune-Up

Marketing tune-up for Spring Did You Know? For your marketing tune-up, you will always find the lowest prices anywhere for everything in printing and mailing (E-mail & Direct Mail) from Direct Mail Xperts! Need proof? How about our unprecedented 110% low price GUARANTEE! Did You Know? That with E-DIRECT MAIL you can follow up your direct…
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Direct Mail Didn’t Work For Me

Direct Mail Darns It, I understand, I felt the same way, and you know what I found out?   It works for others. So, why doesn’t it work for me? Let’s look at what works and what doesn’t.     I sent out a postcard to everyone within a radius (drive time or miles). I…
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