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The “Where Do I Advertise” Advertising Decision

Too many small business owners, advertising can seem like an impossible burden to wrap their heads around. Questions like “Where do I advertise?" “How much do I spend?" And “When is the best time to advertise?" come to mind. As with most endeavors, the answer to the last question begins with the outcome that you…
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Advertising Cost

Advertising Cost- Asking the question…. “How much does advertising cost?”. A reasonable question for sure, but one with more than one answer! Advertising should not be viewed as a cost at all but as an investment.  The investment brings return which will be either positive or negative. To fully understand how to measure the return…
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What about Frequency? Part 2 by Gary Koeffler – Advertising Guru

As an “Advertising GURU” for over 40 years, the question most often asked is “How many times do I need to reach my prospect with my advertising message”? (advertising frequency) The short answer is “It depends”. There are a number of variables to consider in advertising frequency including… 1. Which Advertising media will I be…
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