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How Do I Target My Direct Mail or Other Advertising

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Targeting your advertising effectively is key to success

  • Perhaps the most important aspect of the ability for an advertising message to be effective in bringing results is the ability to specifically target the potential user of a product or service. This can entail “profiling” in which it is generally accepted that the attributes of future customers will most likely resemble those of past customers.
    The first step in this process is to take a representative sampling of past customers so that future customers can be targeted by these attributes.
    Examples of the categories that might be significant to the advertiser are…
    1. Age
    2. Gender
    3. Marital Status
    4. Occupation
    5. Household Income
    6. Number and ages of Children
    7. Homeowner or Renter
    8. Household income
    9. Age of Home
    10. Length of Residence
    11. Home Value
    12. Investor
    13. Credit Cards
    14. Interests
    15. Recreational Activities
    16. Geography
    This is not all-inclusive as specialty businesses may have other targets that are specific to that business. For example- Timeshare owners in Orlando FL.
    What advertising medium should the advertiser harness to be able to specifically target any or all of these categories? Although all medium has some degree of targetability, there are a couple that stands out as better than the rest.
    They are “Direct Mail” and “Targeted IP Served Internet Display Ads.” Direct Mail can put a printed piece directly into the mailbox based on any of the criteria listed above and is perhaps the most powerful of all medium when considering targeting.
    Targeted IP Served Internet Display Ads can now actually use the same specific criteria as Direct Mail (even use the same list) to further expand the impact of a specific campaign. Using both simultaneously is an example of “Advertising Synergy.” The sum of the two becomes more than twice as effective as using either one alone!
    For more information on how Direct Mail and Targeted Internet Display Ads can benefit your business call the Direct Mail Xperts today at 888-671-3115 or email us at ijay@directmailxperts.com
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