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The “Where Do I Advertise” Advertising Decision

Too many small business owners, advertising can seem like an impossible burden to wrap their heads around. Questions like “Where do I advertise?" “How much do I spend?" And “When is the best time to advertise?" come to mind. As with most endeavors, the answer to the last question begins with the outcome that you…
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Advertising Cost

Advertising Cost- Asking the question…. “How much does advertising cost?”. A reasonable question for sure, but one with more than one answer! Advertising should not be viewed as a cost at all but as an investment.  The investment brings return which will be either positive or negative. To fully understand how to measure the return…
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Copywriting for advertising and marketing

Copywriting for advertising and marketing– not child's play. As important as being able to target your specific highest quality prospect may be, there are other factors which will also contribute to the success of your marketing campaign. Not the least of these is copywriting. What is copywriting? It is the creation of the message that…
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Targeting Advertising

Targeting your advertising effectively- Perhaps the most important aspect of the ability for an advertising message to be effective in bringing results is the ability to specifically target the potential user of a product or service. This can entail “profiling” in which it is generally accepted that the attributes of future customers will most likely…
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