Strong Offer and Direct Mail Advertising

Why is a strong offer important to your success in advertising?

Put yourself in the position of the person seeing your ad when you don't have a strong offer. What would motivate you to respond? If you can’t do this ask others for their unbiased opinion. You want to have a situation where people will look at this and say, “wow, I should take advantage of this” strong offer.

I’m not asking you to give away the store but you have to come up with a strong offer to separate you from the competition and drive business to you. If you do this, and you have a strong offer that is irresistible, you will find that things will move quite nicely with regard to the response rate.

Business owners tell me, “I’ve tried that and it didn’t work”, however, after reviewing the ad proof, the “20% off for new customers” didn’t excite me as a strong offer. How could it have excited people when they get offers like that most of the time?

Here’s a successful strong offer that worked for our dentist client: “Call to schedule a $99 dental checkup and be entered for a chance to win an IPad (a $700 value) in February”. But they are a dentist you’re saying to yourself. I can’t do that…Ok, ever figure out what a new customer is worth to you? Then figure what you would invest to gain that customer. Then make the offer around that value.

Think out of the box folks, people are seeing many advertisements, why would they change who they use now or what would make them change their buying habits? People react well to the word FREE, but it must be backed up with value and the understanding that you want their business. It’s a trust-building process and a strong offer helps.

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