Direct Mail Campaign 2 Keys to it Making it Profitable

Two Keys to a Profitable Direct Mail Campaign.

A profitable direct mail campaign is realistic. We want to inform and help you get the most out of your advertising investment. Sure if your business could survive on word of mouth advertising you would be set and never have to advertise. I’ve only known one business enterprise like that and they were a renovation/building contractor. Lucky for Paul, he never needed to spend a dime on advertising. He had a one-line white pages listing, free with his office phone. If you are the 2nd company/business that doesn’t need to advertise, call to introduce yourself to this blogger. If I still have your attention then let’s explore the 2 keys needed for a profitable direct mail campaign:

1-Properly targeted audience. If you know your ideal prospect for your advertising then that is who you should target. If you don’t know who the prospects are then a customer profiling should be done with your existing customer base. You would be thrilled to learn about this and it would be the best investment in your knowledge base. Direct Mail eXperts can run this customer profiling report for you to use in whatever advertising medium works best. Targeting your audience will reduce wasted advertising dollars and make you a profitable direct mail campaign. Remember: “A great advertisement sent to the wrong people is called junk mail”

2-Professionally designed message/offer. If your advertisement doesn’t grab and hold the attention of the individual it might very well be discarded. When professionally designed by experienced graphic design consultants, the impression will be successful and the prospect will respond appropriately. Then it's up to you to convert the lead to make this a profitable direct mail campaign. However, as the design is important, don’t forget the offer. The offer is what will make the prospect respond and be motivated to use it. So consider making it a strong offer to introduce your business to new prospects. Don’t worry about your existing customers, they can be suppressed from a mailing list so they won’t get the ad or a special offer can be built in for their advertisement.

We’ve been advertising professionals for 30 plus years, always current with the evolving advertising landscape so that we bring value to partnering with businesses looking to grow and survive. Make your next marketing effort a profitable direct mail campaign.

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